This present moment.


We believe that it is this present moment that provides us with the great outcome of today and tomorrow.


Therefore, we created the NOS PRAESENTI GROUP, to help you discover the undiscovered, tailor and achieve more, now.


Yours sincerely,

Nos Praesenti Group



Specialized & focused

Our main focus is on achieving results and generating revenues through both existing and potential clients by providing them a complete magnificent customer experience, leading to the uniqueness and growth of your business.


Our full package which contains a mixture of all the services below, it's the best choice for an accelerated growth


Who are we?

Passionate & Skilled Leaders

What we believe

  • In this competitive era, driven by digital-savvy customers, a laser focus on customer experience and adaptation are the engine of growth. Therefore, it is important to wisely act now, since this present moment that provides us with the great outcome of today and tomorrow

What we value

  • We value our clients by helping them succeed and grow in challenging times

  • Generating new techniques and ways of thinking that can ensure success for our clients

What we desire

  • To help more and more businesses to grow and glow


 How does it work?

Smooth & Prompt

Step 1

  • We discuss in regards to what you desire to achieve and what we have observed that could be improved

Step 2

  • We diagnose and use a different mixture of techniques to lead your business to success after conducting the required research and analysis

Step 3

  • We implement together and ensure the results



Because it's time

We are not just a consultancy,

we implement together with you and ensure the great results that you desire.



If you deal with customers every day, this is your place!

Entrepreneurial & Start-ups

  Do you have a start-up that is already running which needs help to grow, be unique to be able to compete out there and to achieve more every day? 


Don't forget the customer experience!



HORECA & Hospitality 

Do you have a restaurant, bar or a



Do you have a hotel, airbnb or accommodation?


That unique customer experience must be built to differentiate you from the competitors!

Retail & Online

Do you have a shop in the corner of the street or in a shopping mall?

Do you have an online shop or do you sell your products online at all?

The customer experience is a must!



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