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More importantly, the name of the brand suggests both a non-dairy product shaping around wellness, casualty and a joyful, friendly product. The name itself is a unique one, while it makes the shoppers think about it once with the first contact and then when they try to say the brand name verbally. 






Packaging design 

Social media


Healthier alternatives are shifting the habits around the consumption of milk. This new era we are entering promotes high consumption of quality products for a healthier lifestyle, and overall personal well-being while having a positive impact on animals and our planet. 

The desire to live well

Indeed, plant-based drinks are part of those exceptional products benefiting from this new approach. Yet, as consumption grows, large companies enter the competition within the sector, and this has to be considered while bringing Cajuwell brand to life. 

Therefore, we created a pleasant, more transparent, and joyful design to improve communication with consumers.

To help Cajuwell stand out from the crowd, we determined that it could leverage the desire to live well.

A full lateral of the product has been allocated to present suggested uses of the product through the use of simple images. As many still are not aware of the many uses of plant-based drinks as their primary consumption is not merely pouring it into a glass and drinking it like populations are used to do with dairy milk. 

Altogether, we are confident that Cajuwell will play the roles we have given it, on shelves and later on stage it will create its crowd of fans due to its greatness and taste

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