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D'Angelo Perconti






Visual Identity
Packaging Design 

D'angelo Perconti represents nobility and distinction in the range of premium writing instruments.

Mamma Mia

21    -   4    -   8   cm

Nos Praesenti had to find the equilibrium between the ancient and the modern to maintain its iconic status. The horse symbolizes power and mythology in history, and this is what D'angelo Perconti empowers. 


21    -   4    -   8   cm

The design is inspired by clean, contemporary yet classic concepts. It includes materials carefully selected by Nos Praesenti designed together with a packaging concept.


21    -   4    -   8   cm

The range has all the advantages of both a perfect gift and addressing both collectors as well as writing enthusiasts.

Mamma Mia

21    -   4    -   8   cm

The client wanted to create a brand for its family business reflecting their heritage in letters and writing instruments rooting back to 1861; handing down their ancient tradition from one generation to another.


21    -   4    -   8   cm

With exceptional details, a unique design with the highest quality materials, and finishes, D'angelo Perconti writing instruments are characterized by refinement and pure elegance.

2.   The main package, designed to open using a piece of material, so that the box would slide right out.

  1. The exterior case, the main package is wrapped in

3. Setup of items inside the package.

  1. The exterior case, the main package is wrapped in

2.  The main package, designed to open from the center to left + right

Gama de culori






The color used for this package design reflects on the name of each label. They are built on a watercolor base while adding metallic textures, reproducing what takes place in the production line, where the colors are added layer by layer, in order to achieve the final finish. 

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