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Visual Identiy


Dacia 24 is a very special place where designers of all traits are encouraged to follow their dreams and commercialise their products, whether in ceramic design, capsule clothing or printed illustration.

Here, they find that much needed support in the life of every creative. We decided to shape this website in a way that it would reflect the women who have helped the showroom grow, during  the past 3 years.

shopping journey

An online shop was important, as well, because, even if many of the customers were still choosing the showroom experience, some preferred the online idea more.

designer's page

product layout

Each product is displayed in a simple, clean manner. The search engine is easy to use and made to show all the items at once.

mesaj dupa finalizarea cumparaturilor

checkout window

experienta pe mobil

carousel image 1

carousel image 2

carousel image 3

search for designers

We wanted the mobile version to be very similar when searching for different products. The idea of stacking them on top of each other was the best way to make the process much easier 


overlay message after signing up for the newsletter

voucher design

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