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Exhibition stand




Architectural plan

Visual Identity

Brand Strategy

Customer Experience

The final result

At Nos Praesenti, we love challenges and how to make things that might not work, actually work, and perform well. We created a walk-in shopping experience in an environment where the vast majority of the stands inside shopping malls interact with customers from behind the desk.

We are looking at a stand for writing instruments, whether it's a gift or personal use for flawless thoughts, becoming written words, and how to attract more clients into a niche product.

The first idea

Up close, beautiful details

The flower corner

Our unique walk-in concept with personalized details to increase the customer experience brought the desired results successfully. 

Beneficiul principal a rezultat din abilitatea noastra de a accentua folosirea filtrelor si plasarea categoriilor de produse intr-un singur loc, astfel incat sa imbunatateasca experienta cumparatorului.

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