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The box that protects the package itself, with the silver, embossed logo on.

The rotating lid, side perspective.

L'elegance du temps





Visual Identity

Packaging Design 

D'angelo Perconti represents nobility and distinction in the range of premium writing instruments. 

L’elegance du temps - Paris 1964 by DP Collection is characterized by refinement and elegance. 

The collection reflects the passion and delicacy of fine writing, through the uniqueness of each design. These writing tools are treasures for all those who appreciate pure excellence. This range has all the advantages of a perfect gift, but also addressing both collectors and writing enthusiasts.

The rotating lid packaging


20    x    4    x    7      cm

The fan opening 

20    x    14    x    6.5      cm

Navy on the outside with a grey interior

Le Noir

White on the outside with a red interior.

20    x    14    x    6.5      cm

La Rouge


15.5    x    3.5    x    7.5      cm


15.5    x    3.5    x    7.5      cm

The gift bag are made using the same textures and strings

Rouge Pasionelle

21    -   4    -   8   cm

In acest caz, cutia hexagonala pentru pixul si stiloul din interior a fost realizata prin crearea unei structuri in forma de hexagon si un strat care sa inveleasca baza, iar la final se adauga o mica fundita din material textil. La sfarșit este adaugata o cutie pentru protejarea ambalajului, dar si pentru un plus estetic.

The gift

Of course, you need to open it to see what is inside!

Made to be offered as a present, on a special moment or just because you want to surprise someone.

Maybe you need another pen that will make your writing more beautiful, wrapped in a well designed package.

The box that protects the package itself, with the silver, embossed logo on.

The hexagonal package viewed from the side

Every package is given a name characteristic to its color and purpose, for men or women.

la passion

l ' incursion

la beauté

l ' élégance

la marque

la lueur

le blanc

Nos Praesenti was the sole responsible for the whole project and portfolio. From creating unique packaging concepts to selecting the writing instruments, negociations to production, and positioning of the brand. We created 5 packaging concepts to reflect attention and dedication, loyalty and professionalism, unicity, and consistency.

It might look like a classic box, but this design is hiding an important, unusual element  - its lid. A rotating one, to be more precise. No more worries about loosing all your pens, because this package design has it all figured out.

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