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La Italiana






Visual Identity


Package Design

When taking on a complete rebranding project that respects the history and quality, more than just a few details have to be considered to demonstrate a great result. The proposal of a more fresh, clean, and contemporary look of the new rebrand was warmly received. We are talking about an Italian product that has to remark its origin through each detail provided by design.

1st tryout

2nd tryout

final drawing with a very realistic pizza

10 kg

5 kg

2.5 kg

25 kg

Polpa Pizza

Polpa Fine



Creating the identity.

The Chef.

The character, Chef Mario Saraccino, was created in detail, line by line, to speak as an experienced middle-aged chef. The chef plays an important role in the 'La Italiana' brand and later on as a primary element at the marketing stage.  

Polpa Pizza

Our clean, cutting-edge pack design reveals modern trends of the food industry and packaging and respects the professional use of the products itself. 

La Italiana di Napoli speaks since 1991, excelling in its segment with clean products.

The logo decision

To help La Italiana stand out from the crowd,  we opted for simplicity and authenticity. The overall result was an original design dedicated to professional cooking.

handwritten font

playing with a stroke font. 

a classical Italian like font. 

a strong serifed font. 

2. defining the style

1. the official name of the brand

The final logo.

3. placing it in time

Polpa Fine

Polpa Fine

Moreover, we are dealing with products that are, in fact, used for freshly baked/cooked dishes; since both pizza and pasta are required to be served right away on the table. Therefore, these important aspects were considered to create fresh yet clean packaging. 


We opted for hand-drawing for the all-purpose flour, letting the consumer imagination bloom and do their own magic while using the product. 

In contrast, the flours special for 'La Robusta' and 'Pizza Napoletana' are using the real image of the result of the crust they provide. 

The Flour Arwork was designed for a paper bag packaging

Polpa Pizza




Pizza Napoletana

La Prestigiosa

La Robusta

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