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At Măriuca, we are looking at a famous local producer within the top three successful agriculture companies in Romania, the Maria Group.

Superior white flour

White flour

100% made in Romania product

Our goal was to help the producer reclaim its premium quality through its first created brand as the major provider of natural wheat and corn and to make it a standout on-shelf in an intensely competitive market. 

Authenticity +

The use of a natural paper color pallet with the contrast of the bright logo navy blue and red, together with the premium items  photographed in-house, makes the product stand out on the shelf.

There are two principal reasons of why we came up with the name Măriuca.

In the first phase, we are looking at a 100% made in Romania product and Măriuca is the well-known classic name the Romanian population grew up hearing since childhood and throughout life.

Măriuca reflects a purely Romanian nickname.

It takes you back to the roots, the grandparents' home, the bakings, the neighbourhood, the smell of bread and pastries, and memories of childhood and cooking.

Secondly, Măriuca is a friendly diminutive version of the name Maria, the parent company name, and somehow there is a link between the parent and the child, the producer, and the result.

Golden yellow corn

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