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Măriuca-web design





Web Design UX/UI


Content Production

Web Design

This Web Design is a continuation of a branding project we did for Măriuca brand. We had to think the entire design space, working around 3 main products (white wheat flour, white superior wheat flour and corn flower). 

We created an entire eco-system around these products so that the end result was an interactive, fun and engaging for the customer - this is how Măriuca Kitchen came to be. The place where you can discover hidden places and open doors to delicious recipes & more.

Color Palette and Brushes

Desktop version

The interactive Măriuca kitchen. The Landing Page

Product page


Recipe page

In order to keep things simple, we organised the search & the filter bar in two main categories:  Bakery & Pastry. 

Using 4 subdivisions: Fasting Recipes, Romanian Recipes, and recipes for the International and Healthy cuisine. In this way, we did not only protected the recipes using the exact products of interest but also helped to create targeted customer for specific categories. 

Mobile version

Product page

Landing page

Recipe page

Mobile burger and search bar

Buttons. Fonts. Symbols.


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