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Motion Graphics

Video Production

lyrics + animation video

The storyline in white frames

One of our most challenging projects is presented just here. We love anything that challenges us, but the challenge is indeed a tough one when it comes to delivering quality work in a few days, and we are talking about an animation video

We had a close window of 7 days to deliver an entire frame-by-frame animation of 2:44 minutes and to include the artist as a character.

With that in mind, we started to develop short-animations using certain words and  bits in the song as triggers. Apart from our main character, we introduced the image of a haunting girl, always there in his memories, represented merely through her big curious eyes.

The symbol of hands weighted  a great deal in how we chose  to translate the song into imagery. Holding them together in love, in  despair, giving unwanted touches or being numb.

Once in a while, some lines or frames were repeated to over accentuate the idea of how tormenting one's past  love can be.

Some frames had to be interrupted by a handwritten text, adding to the emotional vibe of the song itself.

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