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Visual Identity

Web Design UX/UI

When it comes to the beauty industry, we have a strong opinion about how a website selling beauty products should be practiced.




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With the Skinergist project in hand, we had to reconsider how beauty is represented, the symbols involved, the style, and the customer journey.

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Navigating through the website, needed to speak easily, very intuitive, and helpful. We kept everything clean and neutral, from lines to colors and fonts, so that every product had the chance to be admired and seen on its own.

Desktop -  All products

The value here came from our ability to accentuate how the filters were used and all the categories put together to help enhance the user experience.

Product page

We opted for fewer design elements to lead us towards the end goal - that is, shopping all you need while enjoying the experience.

Shopping bag


When it came to filters, we had to reinvent how they were applied, so we came up with the idea of little dots that functioned without interrupting the structure of the page itself

Mobile - Product page

The Product page also has a filter on its own by using certain categories such as masks, wellness, and accessories that guide the search effortlessly.

Now, when it comes to products added to the basket, we had to do many testing before coming up with how the shopping bag and the quick cart looked. Again, we decided to apply the same principle as before, simplicity with an intuitive design.


Cosul de cumparaturi

Mesaj dupa achizitionare

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The mobile experience had to be the same as the desktop version, but, in a way, better and quicker if we had to follow the rule that more than 70% percent of today’s shopping is done by using a smartphone. We had to rethink certain elements that appeared on hover when using the desktop version and switch them on tap or leave them as default elements.

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