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5 Tips for Building Your Brand

Let's face it: building a brand is difficult. Very difficult.

There are a lot of choices you have to make when you build your brand, and not one choice is going to make that much impact. As with many things in life, building your brand is a series of decisions that you make.

It's up to you on how astute those decisions are.

Which information will you pay attention to when you build your brand? What is more important when you build your brand? What should be more or less prioritized?

In our latest article at the Nos Praesenti blog, we wanted to share some of our thoughts on the things you should do when you build your brand.

Read on if you're looking for savvy tips that'll help you build your brand so you can make better decisions for it.

First Tip: Be Uniform in Your Style

When we think of our favorite brands, one of the first things that come to mind is the basics.

The colors of the company. The font they have. The shape of their product. Pretty much anything that has to do with aesthetic appeal.

Aesthetic appeal is more than what we see visually, but we'll get to that in a moment.

The things we do see should be uniform. That's because when customers think of your brand, they should have specific items that come to mind.

When we think of Coca-Cola, we picture their iconic cursive font in white on a red wrapped around a slender bottle. And that color and font scheme on the bottle reminds of us how deliciously refreshing Coca-Cola is.

When we think of illy, we picture their equally iconic font in white but in a bright red square - and their brand reminds us of many things. The feeling of caffeine rushing into your body when you first get up, good times hanging out at cafes with your friends, and more.

The point is that uniformity in your brand brings out what makes your brand great, and that's your product. It sounds counterintuitive to think that seeing a Coca-Cola logo reminds us of the taste of Coke, but it happens every day.

Second Tip: Pay Attention to Your Tone

Ironically enough, we believe that not enough companies are paying attention to their tone.

Tone is the way you communicate your values and thoughts verbally. Your brand is communicated through the tone of your written copy.

This article, for example, has a tone: it's authoritative and we are showing and telling you how we think without restraint. That's our tone at Nos Praesenti: bold and authentic.

In the introduction, we mentioned that building your brand is a series of making decisions. This is how you should think about anything you write.

Any time you open that document on your computer, you have a choice to make. Are you going to sound happy one day, sad the next day, and angry the third day? Are you even paying attention to the way you sound in your writing?

Our previous articles at Nos Praesenti have a similar tone to this one. After reading our content, you have an idea of what we like to talk about and what we are experts in.

You see through our brand. And it's consistent.

Consistency in your tone may not always be your style, but if you aren't paying attention to how you sound, you should hear yourself before you click "publish".

Third Tip: Your Customers Are Reachable Anytime

An overlooked part of building your brand is technology.

Having herculean graphic design, such as the services we offer, is really important when building your brand. Yet it's not enough.

Your sleek logo slapped on your digital assets isn't enough.

The fact of the matter is that things don't happen by themselves. You are the one that has to make them happy.

If you aren't happy that no one is reading your blog, have you asked yourself whether or not you send your articles to anyone? If you aren't happy that potential customers didn't see your latest video, did you consider that you didn't send an announcement of it?

Quite simply, no one is going to know that you posted. Does a tree fall if it fell in a forest?

The same works for content.

On average, there are 60,000 songs being uploaded on Spotify every day; more than 1,000 photos are uploaded on Instagram every second.

That's more of a galaxy of planets full of forests rather than just a forest!

Other than the person who happened to see your content in their feed at that time, no one is going to see it.

This doesn't mean that your content is bad. It just means that you aren't using communication as a tool to build your brand.

Building your brand is more than making the content. It's distributing it through tools such as...

  • Your email list

  • Your social media followers

  • Your comments sections

Send them notifications on all the apps that they follow you on. Send customers an email whenever you publish a blog on your site.

Communication is a powerful tool. Use it.

Fourth Tip: Let Them Know You're Grateful

The power of gratitude is contagious. It's easy to pass on kindness when it is shown.

We don't want to encourage you to be kind for the sake of driving business, but it's something that can actually happen.

Let's say you give your customers free units of your product...just because. There's no reason for this, you did it to show how grateful you are for them to keep on buying from you. It's possible that your customer likes what you did so much that they buy more of your product and give it to their friends.

Even if that doesn't happen, you are still making an association between your brand and its values. It's easy to forget that brands are technically people: they are started, operated, and grown by human beings.

Doing things to remind your customers of how grateful you are for them is a way of humanizing your brand, which could help build your brand.

Fifth Tip: Build a Better Product

The final tip in this non-exhaustive list is to build a better product.

Ever since the emergence of the web, there has been an attitude leaning on the idea that building a stellar product is the core of having a successful business. Anyone from or working with companies in Silicon Valley heard something along the lines of "the product sells itself" at some point in their lives.

As brand strategists, we know that building a killer product is not the only thing that you could or should do. If you want to build your brand, you should follow the other tips among other things beyond this article.

Building your brand doesn't always require having the best product in the market. Having the best product or service in your space doesn't mean that others can't succeed. There's a market full of other businesses for a reason.

However, that doesn't mean that there isn't room to improve. Because there always is.

Making your product or service better is, in effect, following our fourth tip of being grateful to the people who made your brand happen in the first place. Making your customers' lives easier is certainly a method of expressing gratitude.


Building your brand doesn't have to be as hard as it may seem. Building your brand is a matter of making a series of good decisions. We believe that everything above should be part of the plan.

Part of your plan for building your brand is having cogent web design, graphic design, brand marketing, social media marketing, and more. At Nos Praesenti, we provide all of that. Contact us here and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

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